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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 17, 2013 12:00pm-2:00pm PST

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before we go this morning, a programming note, you can watch this week's press pass with former d.c. public schools chancellor michelle re, what she would lake to see president obama do to reform the country's schools, that's all for today. we will be back next week and happy birthday to our executive producer, falls on a sunday, betsy fisher. if it's sunday it's "meet the press." good sunday. i'm craig melvin. the latest week in washington is
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from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> the president torpedoing his plan. >> the only way to get something done is with with a bipartisan agreement. >> i believe we are making progress on a bipartisan basis. i believe we can come up with a product. >> i hope that -- >> just a few months after the post election high anointing immigration reform as the next big issue, what is going to get done? we will talk about that plus two veterans of capitol hill may be about to change their tune on the president's pick to head up the pentagon. we will talk to bob carey about what all of that means. >> mr. president, we will stand and fight throughout this country as americans for our freedom. >> the gun rights groups say they are working to protect the second amendment so we are going to take a look at what rights
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the second amendment affords and which it does not. we start with developing news in florida where the white house confirmed that president obama teed off with golfing great tiger woods today. woods lives about an hour and a half from where president obama is vacationing. they will be on the course for several more hours of course. joining us on the course is tim rosaforte. you are at the resort with the president. what more can you tell us? >> the floridaen golf and react club in palm city, florida is where they played their round of golf. the president is visiting here through some friends of his in houston. he was introduced to the golf course and as a result of that has decided to take a golf buddies trip more than anything
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else. he took lessons from butch harmon and his son, claude. they have been talking about playing their first round of golf. it was supposed to happen at the medalist about 30 minutes away. because of the weather and the security and everything they decided to do it here. and so at about 11:00 today they went off the first tee for their first round of golf. this is not the first time they have been together. they met in 2009 in i believe the oval office when tiger was in washington to promote his golf tournament. obviously a historic day in golf to see two figures like the president and tiger woods together for the first time on the golf course. >> is it just the two of them? >> there is a foursome. jim crane who is the owner of this golf course and also owns the houston astros and bought the club from the former dolphin owner. he is a three handicap, very
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good golfer. they are also accompanied by ambassador ron kirk. they are playing from what i'm told a friendly match. it is the president and tiger against kirk and crane. i'm told they are about the 15th or 16th home. that is very close. they are talking about going 27 holes before the day is over. >> wow. 27 holes. any idea at this point how tiger is hitting them and how the president is hitting them? >> well, i know the president is hitting it better after working with harmon yesterday. he had about an hour in their learning center here. i talked to the president afterwards. it is hard to find a man happier than the president yesterday. tiger is putting on a little show. this is the first time he has seen this golf course. he birdied the first hole. originally tiger and crane were
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playing at the tips of the golf course and the president and mr. kirk were playing a couple of tees up. i am told they are playing off the same tee now. the 14th hole is about 378 yards. i am not allowed in the course. i am told tiger drove that green. he is putting on a show for the president and the groups that are allowed out there to follow him around. >> thanks to you, sir. do appreciate that. >> i appreciate it. you do a great job. all the best. on to other top political headlines. climate change advocates are rallying. thousands are calling for president obama to take immediate action on the climate if congress fails to enact new measures. newark mayor booker said his attention is focused on the immediate needs of democrats and
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not next year's senatet race. >> 2014 is a long way off. let's focus on supporting the democratic nominee for governor and a lot of legislative races up for grabs right now in new jersey. >> we will have more on mayor booker and the senate race later on the program. washington refuses to act on the immigration plan leaked. the white house stressed in a statement that quote while the president has made clear he will move forward if congress fails to act, progress continues to be made. according to the leaked plan the proposal among other things allows immigrants to become legal within eight years and provides more security funding and requires business owners to check immigration status of new hires. in addition approximately 11 million illegal immigrants can apply for a newly created
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immigrant visa. florida republican senator marco rubio was not so pleased saying ispart quote this legislation is half-baked and seriously flawed. if actually proposed the president's bill would be dead on arrival in congress. i want to bring in ryan grim. good to see both of you. >> thanks. >> thanks for having me. >> ryan, white house chief of state. said the white house wanted to be ready with a backup plan. take a listen. >> we have not proposed anything to capitol hill yet. we have a bill. we are doing what the president said we would do last month in las vegas which is we are preparing. we are going to be ready. we have developed the proposals so we have them in a position to succeed. >> if immigration reform has bipartisan support why would the white house feel compelled to
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fluke their own plan. >> this is the legacy of health care reform. the white house is still scarred from the dramatic experience of watching max baucus spend months haggling with olympia snowe in a room in a senatet office building and also derailed health care reform. that is the only thing that allowed it to drag out over the summer and the tea party started attacking at all the town hauls. the next thing you know scott brown wins the senate race. they think in hind sight that they should have done it much quicker and the republicans dragged it out. they don't see the point in replaying that months long negotiation. it is like we have been debating this since 2001 literally pretty steadily. everybody knows where everybody stands so let's have a vote on it. >> i want to play what john mccain said this morning.
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>> leaks don't happen in washington by accident. this raises the question that many of us continue to wonder about. does the president really want a result or does he want another cadgeal to beat up republicans to get political advantage in the next election. >> who and/or what do you believe is behind the leak? >> it is interesting what senator mccain said about the next election because president obama was just reelected. house democrats would like to win back control of the house and they look at this as a political tool for them. there is a plan floating out there and they are talking to different groups. they are not really talking to republicans on capitol hill as senator mccain is pointing out. the nitty-gritty particulars of these two proposals that are out there, the gang of eight that senator mccain is a part of, the principles there are not all that different from what is in this draft legislation that was leaked to "usa today." the problem is it is all about
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the mess eaaging. any critic of the president is going to slap the obama label on it and that will make it a little more difficult to pass. so will the president step back and defer to congress which are moving quickly. there have been hearing and there will be draft legislation coming up. the actual details will be worked out. >> let's talk about the president playing golf with tiger woods. should the white house be at all concerned about the optics of this? >> that was a long sigh of breath. >> i think that the time it took me to answer that indicates that maybe they should be. there are certainly some things to be concerned about with this gathering. the president might be the biggest lover of golf in the entire country.
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he wasn't going to pass up the chance to play with tiger woods no matter what it looked like. >> i'm interested in your perspective? >> it doesn't matter who the president is playing golf with. we track this and yes this guy is a celebrity and maybe it will improve his game. he is on vacation. give him a break, i guess. >> we will check in with you guys a little later this hour. chuck hagel's nomination for defense secretary will remain tied up. we will get reaction to his treatment from fellow nebraska senator bob kerry. we will talk to him aboutt that and other things, as well. also the president's reaction says it all in this photo of the week, the president was at a preschool in decatur, georgia pushing his plan to ensure high quality programs for all children. gave out some high fives and fist bumps. we'll be right back.
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new signs say that chuck hagel will be confirmed. he is what senator john mccain. >> i don't believe he is qualified. but i don't believe that we should hold up his nomination any further. >> i want to bring in former senator bob kerry, democrat from nebraska also former president of the new school. good to see you again. >> let's start in broad terms. what do you think of the republican treatment of chuck hagel? >> i think it is legitimate that they have questions about some
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foreign policy decisions he has made in the past. i think particularly senator cruz and others went too far in applying as a consquence that somehow he is dangerous to the united states. he won the election to decide who wants to be secretary of defense. >> what do you think was behind a lot of that? >> i think it had a lot to do with a sort of neoconservative movement who are very angry to senator hagel about the surge and critical comments he made and has to do with a number of conservative jewish americans who are concerned about his jews on israel. i think they came together and made a hot political issue with it. i am pleased that they will not hold the nomination up because we don't have a secretary of defense right now. it is a very bad impression to
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filibuster a nominee for secretary of defense because you disagree with his foreign policy conclusions. >> the administration's policy on drone attacks on suspected terrorists has been under a great deal of scrutiny. now there is new attention on the use of drones domestically. this is the hill reporter quote 18 states have considered bills that would limit the use of unmanned arial systems and more are likely to follow. you are a former governor. what are the pros and cons of using drones? >> they are very efficient way to particularly carry out a law enforcement regulatory function. it is an enormous invasion of privacy. >> in all cases are they an invasion of privacy? >> i don't know how it cannot be. you are flying over my backyard.
12:19 pm
i don't know how it is not an invasion of policy. if you want to regulate me you have to place a call and schedule an apartment. with a drone you can put it overhead without any kind of precondition. >> your old colleague, new jersey democrat said friday he is not going to do it again. he is not going to seek reelection. 89 year old was the last of the world war ii vets in the senat.t what is your take on that? >> frank is stepping down. he served his country enormously well in the second world war and the senate. i like him. he accomplished a lot. >> do you think he left on his
12:20 pm
own or is this the prospect of another campaign? >> i think he made a decision that now is the time to do it. >> we talked about this last time you were here. congressman from new york just talked about bringing back the draft. he called this weekend for compulsery national service for men and women. he is a korean war vet. this is part of what he wrote for "usa today" opinion piece. he said if all americans are involved in our defense then every family will fully engage in any decision to use force. consquently, force will only be used as a last resort. what do you make oft that? >> that is a very expensive way to get it done. i understand the appeal of the draft. i don't think it is a good idea right now. we are scaling back our forces. the lower cost way is saying if you want to go to war you have
12:21 pm
to pay for it. you can't bar oborrow it. if you believe in it give us a price tag and tell us what it will cost to take care of the veterans. >> if not compulsery military service or what about service that could include peace corps work that is required of every 18 year old in this country. >> i am sympathetic. i don't think it is a great idea. i am sympathetic to why you do it. better to put the time and resources to make men and women be prepared to become citizens. there is a lower cost way but why not say to the american people if your representatives want to go to war you have to pay for it. here is the cost. we will put a special cost in place to take care of the war
12:22 pm
and men and women. >> no more wars on the credit card. good to see you. >> good. thank you very much. >> i can cut my answer down to 15 seconds. >> senator bob kerry thanks. see you seen. >> the pope makes his first sunday mass. we will look at the speculation over who might take over the papacy. downton abby goes to washington. this winter? i've . ♪ repair six months of damage in just one use. introducing the new pantene repair & protect system. damage effects are visible. the pro-v system repairs six months of damage in just one use. ♪ for hair that's silky smooth... all season long. ♪ new repair & protect from pantene. hair so healthy it shines.
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they spoofed the british drama and turned it into the executive office. pretty clever. a bomb shell admission from maggie smith, the actress who plays the countess. the actress says she doesn't watch the show. listen. >> you're proud of it. >> yes. well, yes, of course i am. i was pausing because i haven't actually seen it. so i don't sit down and watch it. >> never? >> no. i haven't watched it. >> that doesn't surprise me at all. that is why i love her. she says she doesn't want to agonize over her performance but she hopes to watch it once the show is all over. back to this side of the pond. now i see it. the president's reaction says it all in this white house photo. the president was at a preschool in decatur, georgia pushing his
12:27 pm
plan. the president mingled and passed out high fives and check out this little hip preschooler giving the commander in chief the fist pump. moorhouse college snagged president obama as their commencement address. the college has an impressive list of alumni. gun rights' advocates point to the second amendment as the ultimate barrier to new gun control legislation. how absolute is the second amendment protection? we will take a look at that next. sources they need.
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another winter storm is dumping more snow on new england. the storm is bringing with it heavy snow and strong winds to cities like boston and providence. meteorologists say the storm should be over later tonight. much of new england is still recovering from that monster winter storm that walloped it last weekend. good sunday to you. here is a quick look at other top stories making news right now. another tragic story involving gun violence, a young girl and the city of chicago. friday president obama spoke at a chicago high school. hours later a freshman at the school destiny warren found out her 18-year-old sister was killed by a single gun shot wound to the head. new information about the meteor that exploded on friday. nasa says the meteor was bigger
12:32 pm
than originally thought. they say the fire ball was 55 feet wide and weighed about 10,000 tons. it was traveling at 40,000 miles per hour when it exploded over siberia. and another milestone for michael jordan. the basketball legend turns 50 today. happy birthday, m.j. that was the pope this morning speaking from his window at the vatican while thousands of people gathered at st. peteers square. this is the pope's second to last sunday before retirement. the pope announced last week he is stepping down by the end of the month. anne thompson with more ont that. >> reporter: more than 50,000 people came to hear the pope. that is double the size of last week's crowd. he spoke to them in six different languages thanking
12:33 pm
them for their prayers and support and added in his native german that these were difficult days and the crowd in turn responded with respect and affection. in rome where there is no shortage of must-see attractions suddenly elderly pope benedict is number one on everyone's list. today he delivered his weekly prayer from his balcony just as he has for nearly eight years but this crowd was worthy of a rock star. his exit on ash wednesday turned church goers into paparazzi. the solemn season of lent in vatican city is now a celebration of the 85-year-old pontiff. the hottest ticket in town, benedict's final audience on february 27th, the day before he steps down. 35,000 people have already requested free tickets, says the vatican. but this extraordinary step creates an extraordinary problem.
12:34 pm
the church will now have two living popes. >> there are lots of stories -- >> reporter: author george weigel is an nbc analyst. >> technically there are not two popes. he ceases to be pope at 8:00 p.m. february 28th. there has never been a bishop of rome for 1700 years. i think he will make that work because he will simply retire into the deep background and not be seen in public. >> reporter: in meeting with rome's priests benedict said once he steps down he will remain hidden from the home and will live in this renovated monastery and close to the new pope but no one expects him to be intrusive. >> he may speak his advice and may do something quietly. i think the pope going to the monastery is the pope going to the monastery.
12:35 pm
>> reporter: benedict as pope he was labelled god's rottweiler. throughout his papacy benedict showed a gentle pastoral side never more so than meeting privately with sex abuse victims during his 2008 trip to the u.s. but saved his biggest surprise for last says john thav s who covered the vatican for 30 years. >> he will be remembered as the pope who resigned without a doubt. i think it may be his finest legacy and greatest gift to the church because he has brought the papacy into the modern age. >> reporter: currently the con clave to elect the successor is scheduled for march 16-march 20 but there is talk of moving it up because all the cardinals who will vote on the new pope are schedulealed to be here february 28 to say good bye to pope benedict.
12:36 pm
>> thanks to you so much for that. we will have much more on the selection of the new pope including why some are saying a woman should be selected. we'll have that in our next hour. congress considers new restrictions on firearms gun rights advocates say there is a hurdle gun control advocates may not be able to clear, the second amendment. just how high a hurdle is that? here is pete williams. >> the ancient map makers once labelled areas they didn't know about as -- it is very much an issue as congress looks at new gun controls. for gun rights advocates it is an article of faith, the second amendment will protect them. the nra's wayne lappier on "meet the press" it reads a well regulated militia necessarily to
12:37 pm
the security of the free state shall not be infringed. the supreme court ruled the second amendment prevents states from banning hand guns in a home. that's why opponents of a ban on assault weapons say the popularity of rifles and high capacity magazines present a big hurdle for banning them. >> handgun magazines from the standard size have common lawful use and the ar-15 rifle the most popular in the country has pervasive lawful use. >> reporter: some say invoking common use is not enough to have gun control laws as unconstitutional. >> the question for the supreme court will be are the firearms in common use and is a restriction a substantial burden on self defense. these assault weapons are not generally used for self defense
12:38 pm
purposes. >> since the decision on hand guns in the home federal courts have issues some 400 rulings. the courts are divided on another issue. can the states ban carrying guns in public away from the gun owner's property. two months ago a federal appeals court struck down an illinois law. the court said the second amendment right to bear arms implies a right to carry a loaded gun outside the home. just a month before another appeals court upheld a new york law that requires a gun owner to prove a special need to carry a gun in public. >> the supreme court says like all over constitutional protections the second amendment is not absolute but the courts have only recently begun to explore how far the protections go. president obama on the green playing golf with none other than tiger woods. let's get to our political war room. joining me karen finny and tim
12:39 pm
miller, deputy communications director for the republican national committee. good to see both of you. karen, does the president open himself up at all to any kind of criticism by playing golf with tigerer woods? >> he might. i don't love what tiger woods did in his personal life. i think i respect him as a golfer and i think when you are the president and you get to golf with somebody who is one of the best in the world that's all right. >> and i love the fact that yesterday before he knew he would be playing with tiger he decided to get lessons from tiger's coach. >> brushing up a little bit. >> look, the president has a right to personal time and play golf. that is absolutely fine. the problem that he is running into is the campaign never seemed to end for him and spending more time outside of washington than inside washington. we have this sequester coming up in a few days and serious budget
12:40 pm
issues going on in congress and thet president does not seem willing to take the time to work with congress, make the phone calls and work with congress to get this solved. >> tim, i don't have the numbers in front of me but i would imagine that you compare the vacation days that this president has taken versus the number of vacation that his predecessor took there is probably a wide chasm between the two. >> by the way, wherever the president goes having worked for a president, the white house apparatus goes with him. he can get work done anywhere unlike congress who decided thanks to mr. boehner let's just go home and take time off and deal with it later. >> tim, karen took me to my next point. you brought it up. with so much on the congressional plate right now, the looming sequester, the hagel
12:41 pm
nomination, why go on a vacation? why go on a break? >> i think that is the point i was trying to make here. there are a lot of issues going on. if you talk to democratic legislators there was an article in politico about this they would say they wish the president was spending more time calling them, working the hill and working with congress and trying to show leadership and come up with a solution. >> i think the point that kraig was making was that speaker boehner decided it was okay to adjourn and take a break when leader pelosi and a number of other democrats said they are willing to stay here and do the work and get it done. we don't think we should go on a break or a vacation. speaker boehner decided what's another few days. >> the house republicans have passed two sequester replacements. we haven't seen a budget from the senatet. we haven't seen a solution from the president or harry reid. the republicans have put our
12:42 pm
plan on the table and passed it through the house of representatives. now it is incumbent upon the president to show leadership. >> let's turn to hagel. the nomination of course something taken up once the break is over. this is bob woodward on fox news talking about democratic senators calling the white house asking if hagel was going to withdraw. this is what he said was the white house response. >> the answer is an emphatic no. remember john urlicman used to talk about twisting slowly in the wind. >> why wouldn't the white house jump to hagel's defense? >> i think they have. had john mccain out this weekend. the expectation is that senator hagel is going to -- that vote is going to happen and he will be our next secretary of defense. what i think is deplorable and john mccain was very honest this weekend and part of what
12:43 pm
prompted some of democrat's questions. republicans made it clear this is a grudge match. lindsey graham is saying he is not going to vote on this or won't move on this until he finds out who changed talking points from several months ago which was something that hagel had nothing to do with, frankly. and then you know john mccain says we didn't like the fact that hagel said things against bush and stood up against the republican party, a little ironic from a guy known as the maverick in his party. i think the white house recognizes this is a petty grudge match and the republicans look increasingly silly on this and the white house is saying we will wait until we come back and have another vote. everybody is confident that the vote will happen and he will be the next secretary. >> if anything it was deplorable is how unprepared chuck hagel was for this nomination. robert gibbs who is the president's spokesperson said that it was unacceptable how
12:44 pm
unprepared chuck hagel was. he may very well mr. mcgoo his way to getting the nomination. >> what does that mean, by the way? >> i would have liked to see a much stronger performance. i thought brennan was very strong and on point. remember that hagel has done numerous private meetings are senators and responded in writing and directly to very specific questions. everything they have asked for he has provided above and beyond. so yes maybe the public hearing wasn't what we would have liked to see. he was very responsive to questions. that is part of what senator mccain was saying is he will likely be confirmed. >> we will have to leave it there. always good to see you. tim, you just used mcgoo as a verb. >> if it works it is for chuck
12:45 pm
hagel. >> what does it mean? >> you remember mr. mcgoo. he kept making mistake after mistake and would get through. >> tim introducing another term to the political lexicon in this country. the president promising action on climate change during the state of the union address. now some activists are pressuring him to keep his word. we will take you back to the day congress woman carol mcarthy found her cause and entered politics. you are watching msnbc. how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week.
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12:49 pm
helicopter from maryland and landed it on the white house lawn. the secret service arrested the 23-year-old after opening fire on the chopper with shot guns. he was taken to an army psychiatric ward. it has been a little over two months since the shooting in newtown and the gun debate is very much heated. it is the most recent tragedy to spark the gun control debate. 18 years ago today the man who opened fire on a long island railroad train was convicted on six counts of murder. here is part of how nbc nightly news covered the story. >> it took ten hours to reach the verdict but the jury had no doubt about ferguson's guilt. >> the people had to prove a case and they proved almost all of it. >> families of those killed joined with the wounded cheering as he was led from the courtroom. the scene of often bizarre
12:50 pm
performances during the trial. ferguson acted as his own attorney. >> there were 93 counts to that indictment. 93 counts only because it matches the year 1993. >> ferguson was allowed to cross examine his victims. >> i saw you shooting everyone on the train, okay. >> i watched you reach over the top of one seat with your right hand and shoot into it. >> he called the 17 witnesses not credible. after the verdict, victims and families said ferguson was no longer an issue. >> he is not worth my thoughts. >> her husband was killed and her son wounded. anger was directed at the availability of hand guns. >> guns that can kill human beings. >> and the warning about attempts to repeal gun legislation. >> we have to put congress on trial. we have to do our duty just as
12:51 pm
this jury inside did and not let that happen. >> february 18, 1995. carol mccarthy became congress woman two years after that report. she represents new york's fourth district on long island has become one of the leading voices in the call for stricter gun laws in america. environmentalists rallying today in washington, d.c. to demand action on climate change and what they can realistically expect this president to do about the issue. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and class-leading 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever.
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thousands are still milling around the national mall right now despite freezing temperatures following a demonstration on climate change that just wrapped up, we're told. they are calling on president obama to press for climate change reform in his second-term agenda. i want to bring back ryan grimm
12:55 pm
of the "washington post" and cries teen bellantoni, political editor at the pbs "newshour." >> ryan, those response oregon this event are calling the event at the mall largest climate event ever. waiting for crowd counts. not sure if that's going to happen. the main purpose was to put the president on notice about the promises he made during his state of the union speech. how significant is this? >> i think it was a big deal. one of our reporters was down there, and she tells me it was huge, tens and tenses of thousands of people stretching from the washington monument to the white house. >> wow. >> and these are groups who are allied with the white house but are saying, look, enough of this. and they are not just asking for action to -- you know, to make the world a better place, to advance clean technology and grown energy, but they are saying let's stop destroying it also, you know. if obama opens up, you know, the
12:56 pm
arctic to oil drilling, that will be -- you know, that will be a democratic president doing something that reagan didn't even do, so they don't -- don't want the keystone pipeline to be built. that will bring all sorts of tar sands in from canada. what they are saying is before you can save the planet, you have to stop actively destroy it. that probably shouldn't be something that you have to protest for, but, you know, people apparently need a little nudging. >> here's the conflict though that the president is dealing with. environmentalists on one side with regard to the keystone pipeline specifically, and then you have a large number of unions who say, you know who, we need the pipeline, the jobs and the construction so he's stuck between a rock and a hard place. >> sure. i don't think you'd hear the president argue with any with what people are saying. one thing that really struck me during the campaign is how many young people found this to be their number one issue in polling, and when you talked to them out on the campaign trail,
12:57 pm
and this was an area where the president actually met with protests, you know, particularly over the keyen to pipeline issue and tar sands, and then you also have young over gel calls on the conservative side who are also passionate about this so there's really a groundswell of momentum to doing something and we have to talk about the reality, when democrats controlled congress and president obama still very popular, they had an opportunity to do something about this that would have been large and it didn't happen. they didn't capitalize on that momentum and that issue. now he's indicated he'll make efforts. what we're likely to see is more behind-the-scenes action through the epa and other agencies and also through executive action because congress does not have the wherewithal right now to tackle this issue, even as it could help the economy as everybody agrees. >> and the president has said in the past that one of his first-term regrets is not doing more on climate change.
12:58 pm
thanks, christina and ryan grimm, thank you also for the numbers you just gave us. you gave us some numbers from washington that we haven't been able to get so we appreciate you reporting from the ground there. >> thank you. it's big, really big. >> coming up, more on the news that president obama has quite the special golf partner today down in the sunshine state. the wife and the girls are out skiing in colorado, president obama having a golf weekend down in florida and a heck of a golf weekend it is. teeing off with tiger woods. also, senator marco rubio about to arrive in jordan for a trip to the middle east. what's the purpose of his mission? i'll speak with dennis ross coming up next. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. copd makes it hard to breathe,
12:59 pm
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1:02 pm
today with another gun tragedy. >> too many of our children are being taken away from us. >> we're learning today that just hours after that speech gun violence ripped apart the familiar life one of the kids in that audience. coming up, what the proposed federal assault weapons ban would really do and why some say it may not be enough. also, a team of rivals, a new look at the unlikely pairing of a world famous general and a california congressman. >> poor george. he can't help it. he was born with a silver foot in his mouth. >> it was lines like that that made ann richards one of the most memorable women in american politics. coming up arc look at a new play that centers on the woman who called the 43rd president shrub. developing now, the
1:03 pm
president is playing golf today with none other than golf great tiger woods down in florida. we're told that tiger is -- is putting on a bit of a show for the president who also played with woods' former swing coach yesterday butch harmon. thought to be getting some tips. not sure if it is helping the president out on the links. we'll update that story a little bit later. colorado is moving towards you have toer gun laws. a bill requiring stronger background checks passed its first legislative hurdle friday. colorado has lived under the shadow of two of the deadliest mass shootings in u.s. history. the obama administration has prepared its own immigration reform bill. "usa today" reporting that the white house plan would call for an eight-year path to citizenship for some of those living in the country illegally. we'll have more on the president's plan a little bit later as well, and climate change. climate change was in the air on the national mall today. thousand if not tens of
1:04 pm
thousands, we're told, rallied to tell president obama the time is now to move on global warming. organizers billed it as the largest climate rally ever. we'll get to all those stories in just a movement first though, gun violence continues to be terribly prevalent in america and a young girl who attended the inaugural avent was gunned down shortly after. president obama went to school on friday where he talked about gun control at hyde park academy. this that crowd a 14-year-old named destiny warren, who is 18-year-old sister, was then shot and killed just hours later. nbc's kristen welker is traveling with the president this weekend. how does a story like this bring the president's point home? >> reporter: well, i think it goes to exactly what president obama was saying when he spoke in chicago on friday which is that if you look at the figures,
1:05 pm
443 people were killed in chicago last year. that is one newtown every four months, so president obama in chicago calling for an end to gun violence and tragically the brother -- the sister of one of the people in the audience was killed, janay mcfarlane. she was really interested in the girl who performed at the inaugural ceremonies and then was shot a few days later. here's what janay's mother had to say. >> i don't understand why she took as much interest in hadiya pendleton the way she did. she was like, momma, i wanted people to feel how this happened, do you know this is going to happen, and, you know, she just had a lot of questions about life and death, i mean, because all you see around.
1:06 pm
>> so obviously another tragic murder in the city of chicago highlighting the president's call to end the gun violence, and we should say, craig, when president obama spoke in chicago, he really called for a broad approach to ending the violence, not just through stiffer legislation, but also by investing in communities, investing in early education, investing in families. now, of course, the president is also calling for stiffer gun laws, things like reinstating the ban on assault weapon, limiting high capacity magazines and expanding universal background checks. it is thought that the majority of those proposals are going to have a really tough time getting through congress. however, it appears as though something like universal background checks might have more bipartisan support than some of the other proposals that president obama has put forward. again, this latest shooting highlighting how serious the problem of gun violence is in this country. craig? >> kristen welker traveling with the president in florida. thank you.
1:07 pm
for more on the issue of guns in america i'm joined by msnbc contributor goldie taylor. let's start in the windy city. what the heck is happening in chicago? >> well, you know, there are a plethora of issues happening in chicago. i was struck with how much that young woman looks like my youngest daughter, and but for the grace of god there go i. what's happening in chicago are any number of things, pervasive poverty and lack to opportunity. one of my dear friends said nothing stops a bullet like a job so we're talking about a crisis from top to bottom throughout these communities in and surrounding chicago. >> we found out this morning that there's a democratic primary race under way in chicago right now for the seat formerly held by jesse jackson. one of the candidates running for that seat dropped out of the race after new york city mayor michael bloomberg got involved in the campaign. bloomberg's pac got another
1:08 pm
money behind another candidate robbie kelly. hutchinson had support from the nra. how significant, is it, do you think for the mayor of new york city to get involved in a race in chicago, illinois? what does that tell us? >> it's extraordinarily significant but i have to say it's about time. if you've got millions of dollars flowing through washington and municipalities throughout the country from the nra, the pro-gun control hobby has been hobbled a number of years. great advocacy organizations but the dollars just don't match up, so it's a good thing, i think, to point out record of some of these candidates in this case. the difficulty here is, you know, this race is so crowded, so crowded. that david halverson who has a 100% rating by this nra, she could run away with this race because there are too many candidates in this race. >> you're a former marine and very familiar with the gun lobe. we've talked about it on this broadcast before. you just mentioned the nra.
1:09 pm
i've got to ask you. do you think that organization is becoming something like a scarlet letter of sports for political candidates who have a pro-gun record, even democrats? >> i think the tide is certainly changing and i'm glad that it is. i believe today's nra was different from the organization and the mission that was founded. i believe they have veered so far to the right that they have forgotten the real impact of what is the most dangerous consumer product on the market. >> i want to talk to you about this assault weapons ban for just a second, and i want to put a picture on the screen here because congress again considering new gun legislation would ban 150 kind of firearms and would protect more than 2,000. here's an example of a weapon that would be banned. i want our viewers and you take a look at this. this is a ruegger mini-14 with collapsible and soeld fofolding. however, the same gun with a
1:10 pm
fixed stock would be legal even though they fire the same caliber bullets and can hold dozens of rounds of ammunition. how logical does it seem to you? >> if it does not impact functionality i don't think that there's a difference between the guns. if it fires the same, if it fires the same calibers in the same rapid speed and frequency then certainly it ought to be treated as the same class of weapon and band just as the other. >> how do you think this thing is going to play out, i mean, politically speaking? what do you think will happen once a vote is taken because a lot of folks believe at some point, some juncture there will be a vote on something, whether it's weapons ban, background checks, but how do you think it's going to play out? >> i was hoping that we would be in for big things, that this would be comprehensive reform, meaningful reform. what we have is a small ball. a consensus saying you need universal background checks, assault weapon ban or a high
1:11 pm
capacity magazine would be banned, i don't know that this is going to pass this u.s. house of representatives, and that is reprehensible. >> goldie taylor, thank you so much. usually have to talk to you in double boxes so good to have you in the flesh. >> thanks for having me. >> you're always welcome. now to foreign policy, nbc news has learned that senator marco rubio is set to arrive now in amman, jordan, in the country for two days before heading on to israel. this, of course, coming weeks before president obama plans to head to the region himself. joining me from you from boynton beach, florida, former middle east envoy for president clinton, ambassador dennis ross. good to see you, sir. >> reporter: >> nice to be here. >> he's set to meet with king abdullah, salam fayad and benjamin netanyahu as well.
1:12 pm
what do you think the main mission doing this trip is? >> i think mostly trying from his standpoint to learn what's going on in the region, a region being characterized by upheaval right now. in the case of jordan, they have close to 300,000 refugees from syria. in the case of the israelis, obviously they are going through a period of government formation, but they are looking at a new egypt, a border with syria which is not stable the way it used to be, a view of the palestinians that something needs to be done, and so i think senator rubio is going out there at a time when there's great uncertainty, and i think he's trying to understand from the leaders how do they see it, number one, what are some of choices, what are some of the biggest challenges, and how should we be positioning ourselves. i see it mostly as a listen and learn. >> a fact-finding trip, nothing political. >> what can we make from the fact he's not going to the west bank? >> he'll see the palestinian
1:13 pm
prime minister sayyad so he's going to try to understand what's going on with the palestinian authority and what the future is going to look like, what's the relationship between fattah and hamas, what's the likely of the future of palestinians going to be. >> president obama has not been to israel. again, he's going to be going we're told in the next month or so. he's taken some flack for this, intends to visit the region soon. how is our president regarded now in that part of the world? >> well, let me make a couple of points. the first is that it's not unusual for presidents during their first term not to go to israel, not to go to the region. >> why is that? >> well, in a sense because i think there 's the tendency to go to israel in particular has historically been tied very much to the peace issue. bill clinton didn't go before the assassination of yitzhak rabin and he went in that context and felt it was important to sustain the
1:14 pm
approach to peace. george w. bush didn't go until the eighth year of his presidency, so in the only did he not go in his first term, he didn't go until the beginning. very last year of his second term, so it's not unusual. i think oftentimes presidents go when they think there is a reason to be going. i think in the case of president obama the timing is actually quite good because there's a chance for a new beginning with a new israeli government. the expectations are not high so he can go and can have discussions and connect with the israeli public and talk about what matters to the israeli people which is the threats around iran as well as the peace issue. he can go to jordan where he can talk with king abdullah and focus not only on what jordan sees in the region but particularly the problems with syria. he can go and see president abbas of the palestinians and talk about the future of israelis and palestinians so this is actually i think a moment for him to have a certain value to go, and it isn't tied
1:15 pm
to a set of high expectations where he needs to produce something. >> ambassador dennis ross, thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. >> on his way to the middle east, marco rubio did find some time to take -- took some time to slam a leaked immigration proposal from the white house. we'll take a look at that but first. >> the trends run mistakable, eisenhower by a landslide with 450 electoral votes. >> you know how tough it is to find this footage? >> after the break, a unique look at 349th president of the united states and his relationship with a future president, richard nixon. in fact, you could call them the original frenemies. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics and cool black and white footage. wears off. been there. tried that. ladybug body milk?
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>> let me say that the president is setting a wonderful example for everybody in washington. as you know, he gets to work about 8:00, and if any of us had any ideas of staying in bed on the days we're supposed to go to work, we've gotten rid of them mighty fast under president eisenhower's leadership. >> a young then vice president richard nixon there a few months after entering the white house for the first time. this presidents day weekend the "new york times" article features "ike and dick," a look at the complicated between president dwight d. eisenhower and his vice president, richard millhous nixon. one of them often bullied the other and usually nixon on the receiving end. check out this 1960 campaign ad
1:20 pm
from then presidential candidate john f. kennedy. >> every republican politician wants you to believe that richard nixon is, quote, experienced. they even want you to believe that he has actually been making decisions in the white house, but listen to the man who should know best, the president of the united states. a reporter recently asked president eisenhower this question about mr. nixon's experience. >> i just wondered if you could give us an example of a major idea that he has adopted as the decider and final -- >> if you give me a week i might think of one, i don't remember. >> bad. jeffrey frank is the author of the new book "ike and dick." good to see you sir. thanks for coming in. >> good to be here. >> that's just one of many examples of general eisenhower, then president eisenhower, belittling richard nixon. what was it about their relationship? >> well, actually that was one of the worst because it couldn't
1:21 pm
have come at a worse time. nixon was finally getting his wish. he was running for president. had been nominated a month before. late in august. the campaign baas was about to get under way and this question was asked. the kennedy campaign used it against him and reporters, when they talked -- when they asked him questions would bring this up again and again. so what nixon did, what nixon did to resolve this, did something really novel in his day, went on a talk show. went on "the jack parr show," the show that came before johnny carson. eisenhower would say sort of indirectly belittle things. someone would ask him, well, is mr. nixon the logical candidate now for president, and eisenhower would say, sure. i have great respect to mr. nixon. i consider him a friend. he's a fine man and other big men out there that are also qualified to be president. >> how was this relationship borne.
1:22 pm
>> oh, sure. >> was there an impetus? >> sure we know. had met a couple of times before. once they had been together at the exclusive bohemian grove club in san francisco and eisenhower was president of columbia and nixon running for the senate, which became one of his nastiest races, and in 1952 eisenhower's advisers suggested this guy, this california senator who was -- who had many things going for him. he was a red hunter and appeased the man who helped alger hess, but eisenhower didn't know a presidential candidate got to make this choice. oh, i got to do this, and his advice, particularly tom dewey, then the governor of new york and a presidential candidate was a great fan of richard nixon, probably the strongest advocate of nixon, but it was classic smoke-filled room. sherman adams who later became eisenhower's chief of staff compared it to picking an
1:23 pm
alderman in philadelphia. >> here was a guy who was ahead of his party in a lot of ways on civil rights in particular. >> absolutely. >> but then also becomes the major candidate to use the southern strategy when he ran for president. what was behind his political devolution, if you will? >> both things. his downfoul in 1960 was using an early version of the southern strategy. when martin luther king was arrested for a complety will trumped up charge coming from a traffic violation and thrown no a paddy wagon and off to prison in georgia, mrs. king was terrifi terrified he would be beaten or perhaps killed. nixon and she were friendly, talked constantly. king worked with nixon in the passing of the civil rights bill in '57 and nixon made a calculation, a real act of cowardice. basically thought he would be better by giving up some of the black vote and going for the
1:24 pm
white vote in the south. what's interesting about it is that president eisenhower in 1956 got 40% of the african-american vote. richard nixon despite this got 32% of the african-american vote and the kennedy campaign was putting out vote for the candidate with a heart. that was an early version of the southern strategy. by 1968 he -- he went full bore on the southern strategy. >> jeffrey franks. the book is called "ike and dick." it is a fascinating read. joe scarborough wrote you a very nice book review in the "new york times." it's terrific. i imagine you read it. appreciate your time. >> glad to be here. coming up another wow. new england gets hit with another winter storm today. we'll bring you the details today. also newark mayor preparing for a potential new jersey senate run, but there's something he's more focused on right now. we'll tell you what that is. you're watching msnbc, the place
1:25 pm
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the actual content of your speech got lost in the water bottle story. would you like to give it another try tonight. seth, i would really like to appreciate it. would you like some water first? >> very good. no, thank you, i'm fine. the state of the union address is always a reminder of how unique america is. for much of human history. for much of human history -- i need water. >> that was "snl" spoofing marco rubio last night. you, of course, probably remember senator rubio took a sip from the bottle during the president's state of the union, and later the florida republican joked about it saying, quote, god has a funny way of reminding us that we're human.
1:29 pm
senator rubio responding to the leaked immigration proposal from the white house and first you could say she's part of the reason george w. bush became our president and now she has a new broadway show all about her. i'll talk to the director of the ann richards play next. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics, books and theater on sunday afternoons. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. right now a winter storm is bringing heavy snow and strong winds to much of new england. the storm is moving across the northeast and affecting travel in cities like boston and providence as well. meteorologists say the worst of it should be over by tonight. it's the second storm to hit new england in just over a week. you'll remember the region was buried in snow after last weekend's blizzard. i'm craig melvin.
1:33 pm
good sunday to you. a look at some other top stories making news right now. new details on the meteor that exploded over western russia friday. nasa says the fireball was bigger than originally thought. 55 feet wide and weighed 10,000 tons. the meteor was traveling at a speed of 40,000 miles per hour when it exploded over siberia. more than half a million bmw cars are being pulled off the roads. bmw is recalling its popular 3 series car because of a problem with the battery cables. the german car-maker is also recalling one of its series and z-4 sports cars as well. and it's a big birthday for michael jordan. his airness turns 50 today. happy birthday, m.j. poor george. he can't help it.
1:34 pm
he was born with a silver foot in his mouth. >> and with that almost instantly ann richards, former governor of texas, became a national celebrity, but just a few years later in 1994, she lost to george w. bush, the son of the man that she mocked in that 1988 convention speech. no democrat has held a statewide office in texas ever since. now ann richards is being immorl mortalized in a broadway play being previewed tomorrow. the director is here to join me now. >> good to see you. >> this is a unique broadway play about a larger than life political figure. what made you want to direct it? >> it was immediately that i saw ann is somebody who speaks to a range of people. i mean, she speaks to women, men, all racial ethnicities.
1:35 pm
she's incredible, and she's incredibly funny >> she is incredibly funny. she was incredibly funny. i want to give the audience a reminder of the real ann richards. this is a debate with then candidate george w. bush when he was running against her for governor. take a listen. >> i think there are serious questions to be raised. whether or not george bush is qualified to be governor. not whether george bush is good enough to be governor or a good enough man. i think the question is that you have got to have had some experience in the public sector before you get the chief executive's job. >> really dress it had down there. >> how did you cover the bush family in your play? how were they treated? >> we don't actually ever mention the bush name in the play. the play is not a political play. it's about a politician, but it's about the woman ann richards and how she became what she became in life. >> no mention of bush. >> no mention of bush. >> what are some of the other
1:36 pm
surprising things that we might find out, not to give away the play obviously, but what are some of the surprising things that the audience might find? >> i think what's miraculous about ann, she lived what many people would consider a full life. she raised four children. she had a wonderful life in austin. herr husband david richards was a lawyer, and she didn't actually get into politics until she was in her 40s, and in 15 years she about imthe governor of texas. >> and the woman that you cast as ann richards when i saw, it i thought, that -- that's perfect. perfect casting. >> yes, it was actually perfect casting, but i have to tell you she's also the writer of the play. >> yes. >> she's written the play and is starring in the play, and she's absolutely brilliant. she did three years worth of research talking to everyone that she could about ann, combing the archives and doing every bit of research that she could do so that she knows possibly better than her children do. >> holland taylor, of course,
1:37 pm
from "two and a half men" fame. >> she knows how to make a line work, knows how to hold the audience in the palm of her hand, cracks that whip and the audience goes along with her. >> benjamin endsly klein, looks like a fascinating play. >> appreciate it. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. immigration reform, turning back to politics now, immigration reform very much on the white house agenda especially now that the administration's backup plan has been leaked to the press, leaked to the press last night. let's go to the brain trust. joining us from washington robert costa national editor at the national review, here with me in new york city angela rye, good to see you as well, former executive director of the black caucus and chris smith, contributing editor at "new
1:38 pm
york" magazine. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> robert, we'll start with you down there in d.c. as we've been reporting the obama administration is preparing an immigration plan of its own. that plan could call for an eight-year path to citizenship. how are republicans reacting to this so far? >> the initial reaction from republicans, they are quite unhappy with the white house leaking this. the key to watch is how senator marco rubio floored a response. he's looking for an enforcement trigger and if the president doesn't include enforcement a lot of republicans are going to walk. >> rubio did have a response. this legislation is half-baked an seriously flawed. if actually proposed, the president's bill would be dead on arrival in congress. angela rounds, what do you make of that? >> a whole lot. first and foremost the fact that it's in draft form and it's a
1:39 pm
proposal to say that it's dead on arrival. at what point do you pay attention to the fact that there's an amendment process, if there's something you don't like, on the house side and senate side you can amend the bill so instead of being immediately opposed to whatever the president puts forward, he needs to be open to amending the bill. >> chris, we know that leaks in d.c. don't happen by accident. what's the motivation here. >> sure, a lot of posturing going on on both sides here. you know, you take the substance for one. it's a draft. there will be a lot of back and forth. this isn't an easy path to citizenship. there's enforcements and ideas about requirements, criminal records, fees, learning english, et cetera. >> back taxes. >> exactly. nothing happens by accident and you've got to wonder if senator rubio has stepped in it to an extent here. the white house leaks this, rubio jumps up and down. it's fascinating. the republican party has a latino problem as we just saw in a big national election.
1:40 pm
paul ryan who lost in that election has been saying conciliatory things about the president's approach to immigration reform, and you have to wonder, yes, they need rubio. they need senate in this process, but they may have been very happy to see him get out front like this. >> robert, are you surprised at all that marco rubio found time on the way to jump on this, jumped on it before any other politician in this country. >> i'm not surprised at all that marco rubio had a strong reaction to this. this is marco rubio's moment. he's really trying to take the reins in the senate and also important to the entire process because house republicans, conservatives in the lower chamber, they are looking at rubio. he's the point man. if he starts to walk away from a deal the whole thing could go up in flames. rubio is the player to watch on the republican side, at least and he wants to direct it. that's why he was so unhappy with the white house leak. >> he used a word for directing. there's a fight here for ownership of immigration reform and that's what a lot of this is
1:41 pm
about. >> if there is a comprehensive deal, if immigration does get done, as most suspect it will, won't the president get the lion's share of the credit. >> i think he. is he eats leader of the free world and marco rubio for all intents and purposes he's posturing. he needs to take a bipartisan approach to solving the problem, not nit-picking the president's draft proposal. >> yeah. >> but if the president wants it -- if the president really wants comprehensive reform to pass, he'll have to not just be it his project. if republicans think it's all about obama they will shake their heads and they gate a deal. >> all right. let's leave it there. that was a fascinating conversation. we're just getting started here. this is your first brain trust, isn't it? >> second, but this is much bet they are time. >> coming up, the brain trust picks the pope. that's right. we'll let them pick the pope. we handicap the big of the election of the year and the thought outside the box.
1:42 pm
are any of you -- >> i grew up catholic. >> still. >> costa, you catholic. >> a devout roman catholic. >> we'll talk about your devoutness. and cory booker on a possible senate run in new jersey. we'll bring you more on that next. this is msnbc, the place for politics. [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious? because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious! [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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and the brain trust is back. angry rye, chris smith and robert costa. let's talk about the garden state. let's talk about jersey. 89-year-old senator frank lautenberg will not be running for re-election. newark's mayor cory booker has filed papers for a senate run now says it's too early to look at that race. this is cory booker on "face the nation." take a listen. >> 2014 is a long way off. let's focus on supporting the democratic nominee for governor and frankly a lot of legislative races up for grabs right now in
1:46 pm
new jersey. >> that kind of surprised me coming from cory booker. does that surprise you at all? >> no. cory booker has had to tone it down ever so lightly. >> someone got in his ear. >> based on the initial announcement before senator lautenbe lautenberg announced. as soon as the democratic nominee is settled on the governor run. >> this is the buzzfeed heed line from today. that was cory book they are morning and here's the headline from today. cory booker heading to palm beach for senate fund raiser. >> an alternative headline in reaction for booker saying it's too soon. the alternative headline would say, oh, please. come on. the man is running. he does still have a day job in newark, and it's an important day job. got smacked by lautenberg and others for being presumptuous. certainly running. >> robert costas, is this a
1:47 pm
shoo-in for cory booker. >> "face the nation" is smart politics. so much races in nuclear, always an off-year election, governor's race, state election race so what cory booker did is saying to those new jersey state politicians i'm not going to mess with your fund-raising, i'll help you out and come 2014 i'll have a clear path w.lautenberg out of this race, it's booker's to lose. >> we also have to pay attention to campaign coffers. we have rep holt and pallone. >> 679,000 in his campaign coffers and pallone has 3.4 million. doory booker can turn the twitter followers he can turn it into big bucks.
1:48 pm
>> political nutworks, and the one thing we skipped over, booker has been steered towards this race by the white house as well. will have significant support from the white house when he runs. you know, they want him there rather than oppose christie so that's a major boost. >> let's talk about chris christie. christie drew the ire of a number of democrats this week, headed out to california and hanging out with mark zuckerberg for a fund-raiser, and there have been grumlings from left leaning folks in this country who seem to be embracing chris christie, robert. does that surprise you? >> i don't think chris christie cares about the grumbles on the left. this is a big sign for chris christie as he looks towards 2016, to have the support of a young guy in silicon valley running facebook as he works on education reform. trying to become an independent but still conservative guy when you look at the nomination for
1:49 pm
2016. >> it's surprising that chris christie has managed to get support from so early from folks like mark zuckerberg. >> i don't know if it's surprising. when you look at chris christee who went out right after hurricane sandy with the president, what better bipartisan picture can you have in your mind. it looks like this guy is about solutions regardless of party affiliation, and i think people have forget or have been more short sighted about what he's done to be rather offensive to the democratic party principles. >> we love talking about politics and it's important here, but you've got to remember governors of states have a heck of a lot of operational responsibility, and whether it's sandy, whether it's the school system, pro or con, you know, how christie has played it, he's trying to help the state recover and he's trying to get kids through school in newark, and he's got a lot of lift there. >> if chris christie loses 150 to 200 pounds, what does that do, if anything, for his chances at the presidency? >> i don't know about his chances towards the presidency. you know, he's more interesting.
1:50 pm
>> because -- busy with love a comeback story in this country, do we not. >> i'm sick and tired of hearing about christie's weight. let's focus on his visits with zuckerberg and his politics, if we're still talking about his weight. >> it's a distraction. >> robert costa, listen, i'm not raising any questions that haven't been raised before, but when you are the leader of the free world, when you are president of the united states, the expectation is that you are going to be reasonably healthy and be able to fulfill your term. there have been folks -- >> go ahead. >> craig, you're raising a fair question. i'm just saying as a political journalist. it's 2013 and i'm already exhausting by these christie weight questions. >> all i'm saying if he drops 150 pounds, there are a lot of people -- we love a comeback story. have you not seen the ratings for "the biggest loser." >> if it's not weight, it's age, if it's not age, it's race, it's gender, so there's always going to be something.
1:51 pm
>> you'll always be too something. >> and at the end of the day i think that weight is a valid concern. it doesn't mean that you can't win. it just means it's something that he's got to pay attention to. >> and i don't appreciate you, robert costa, even implying that i am a weightist, by the way. coming up next, pick your pope. it's not an election process like the one that we're used here in this country. we'll step in the vatican politics up next with the brain trust. we are letting they will cast the vote and not all of the nominees on our ballots are cardinals. you're watching msnbc, the place for papal politics. lower chole, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen.
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we're working on a translation but we do know that's pope benedict celebrating mass with the faithful this morning. roughly 50,000, according to our anne thompson in rome. they gathered in st. peter's square to cheer him on. this is the pope evenings second to last sunday blessing before
1:55 pm
retirement. he announced last week he's stepping down by the end of this month. back now with the brain trust. we're going to get your pope picks. e.j. dionne has suggested a nun be selected. we don't think that's going to be-to-happen. bill mahr suggested that hillary clinton be selected. we do not think that that is something that is going to happen. robert costa what, say you. if you could pick the pope, who would you pick? >> when we see that white smoke coming out of the vatican i would love to here a sinatra tune, new york, new york. so here's nye headline. start spreading the news, new york's tim dolan tapped as the first american pope. >> really. again, this is if you could, you know, if you could pick the pope. >> i think cardinal dolan has really been a force in the church the last few years. he's been a great voice for american catholics, so he's my pick for sure. >> you are a devout catholic. i ask you to pick a pope and have some fun and you give me an actual cardinal. >> tim dolan is great. >> i've met him before.
1:56 pm
he's great. >> chris smith, did you think outside the box or did you go with -- >> as long as we're in the fantasy religion league, i won't with -- i went with soemtier. it would be to be a woman in america, that's not going to happen, but it does speak to some of the issues about how the church needs to open itself up and find herself, puerto rican, grew up in the bronx, has mixed it up in the real world and would be a good thing for whoever is pope. >> angela, who did you come up with? >> not yourself. >> absolutely not. but i think it's important to
1:57 pm
note there's 150 million catholics in africa and there is a quote that the pope said. he considers africa to be the spiritual lungs of humanity. to that end i seconded cardinal peter turkson who was recently appointed by the pope to head the pontifical council for justice and peace. he is a notable leader, and he is also from ghana. >> pope peter. >> yes, pope peter. >> that's got a nice ring to it, robert costa. >> the new millennium. i think that's a great pick. we'll hear a lot about third world choices, someone outside of italy, maybe outside of europe. if it's not going to be an american, it will be someone from africa or south africa. >> don't forget who the cardinals are and over the past two popes they have appointed more conservative cardinals. >> generally someone that folks like us have not talked about ad
1:58 pm
nauseum for weeks leading up to the conclave. a big thanks for the brain trust. >> this cardinal is 63 years old, a part that have network and worth paying attention to, not because this is a third world country appointment. i'm not saying that at all. >> i hope he's watching. he should hire you. >> a big thanks to all of you, and a big thanks to you as well. that's our show. join us saturday at 2:00 eastern time and sundays at 3:00 eastern time for all the latest political news and analysis. we generally have some fun, too. until then keep it throughout the night for news updates right here on msnbc and have yourselves a fantastic sunday evening. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things.
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